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Levent Basharan

E-Gitarre, klassische Gitarre & akustische Gitarre für diverse Stile

Levent has been playing live/a professional musician since he was 16 years old. Born in London and playing the London circuit often as a late teenager, he started expanding abroad performing in countries such as Cuba (including teaching workshops over there), Philippines, Holland, and of course Switzerland. Since he left college he has been constantly touring with various projects, currently the main project being Basement Saints in Switzerland. He is also one half of the instrumental quirky jazzy/world music duo Levent and Taylor with which he still performs regularly. Levent was teaching at an academy in the UK for a few years from when he was around 19 and privately on and off since he was 16. 

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10 Lektionen an 45 Min.: CHF 840

Für Kinder sind auch 30-minütige Lektionen möglich.

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Parkstrasse 1
5012 Schönenwerd


Gitarre, E-Gitarre, Akustische Gitarre, Westerngitarre und Klassische Gitarre


Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Pop, Latin, Gipsy, Worldmusic, Folk und Klassik


Fortgeschrittene, Master und Anfänger




Levent Basharan unterrichtet Erwachsene und Kinder ab 16 Jahren

Interview mit Levent Basharan

Welche*r Musiker*in hat dich am meisten beeinflusst?
My influences have changed throughout the years so I can’t pinpoint one exactly. When I first started guitar I wanted to be able to shred like Yngwie Malmsteen, when I figured out how to do that I got into classic rock bands like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, B.B King and Led Zeppelin. Then in my late teens I started getting into Django Reinhardt and Paco De Lucia which formed the bases for my next musical project. At the moment I am influenced by Francisco Tarrega’s music although I listen to whatever genre I fancy in the moment.

Was kannst du mir auf deinem Instrument besser beibringen als alle anderen Lehrer*innen?
That is subjective and depends on many factors… But I will teach you to the best of my ability, combining my musical experience and my musical philosophies with the aim to hopefully giving you the tools you need to go the way you want to go on your musical journey.

Wie hast du dein Instrument spielen gelernt?
I started to play when I was 12 years old and I am self taught.

Wie gehst du vor, wenn du selber einen Song schreibst oder ein Stück komponierst?
It depends on the idea, sometimes I am just relaxing with my guitar and come up with some musical ideas and then develop them, other times could I could try and write to a specific theme but usually it just flows out and I don’t like to overthink it until the bulk of it is done.

Auf welchem Equipment spielst du heute?
I own many guitars but at the moment I am mainly playing an Epiphone Firebird, a custom built guitar, sometimes a Fender Stratocaster and an Ibanez with a Marshall stack, a Yamaha nylon string guitar and a Martin acoustic(steel string). I use them because they are the tools I have with me at the moment and they get the job done:)

Welche persönliche Eigenschaft hat dir beim Üben am meisten geholfen?
To enjoy what I’m practicing and not practicing because I feel I have to. To get immersed into a style/genre of music(whatever that may be) and keep going with patience and persistence until I can do it myself. 

Was hat dein Instrument, was andere nicht haben?
Some funky/poor artwork I drew on it before a gig.

Worauf achtest du dich besonders beim Unterrichten?
The students wants and needs.

Wie baust du deine Musikstunden auf?
It depends on the individual student, but I like to give them practical exercises, the opportunity to develop their own style and understanding of the instrument (including but not over obsessing about music theory).

Was war bis anhin dein tollstes Erlebnis als Musiker?
The opportunity to play in front of people and to inspire people with music as my job/my life.

Welches war die grösste Bühne, auf der du gespielt hast?
I played at a fashion show that was broadcasted around the world and in front of around 3000 people at a concert.

Mit welcher*welchem Musiker*in würdest du gerne einmal spielen?

Welche eine Platte würdest du auf die einsame Insel mitnehmen?

Auf welcher Bühne würdest du am liebsten spielen oder spielst du am liebsten?
The 02 in London.

Was ist neben der Musik noch wichtig in deinem Leben?
Family, friends, cooking, learning, reading and travelling.