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Matyas Major

Cellounterricht für Klassik

Matyas is a professional classical cellist experienced in pedagogy and performance (solo, chamber music and orchestra).

Matyas Major offre anche l'insegnamento a distanza.

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10 lezioni di 45 min.: CHF 840

Per i bambini, sono possibili anche lezioni di 30 minuti.

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Glärnischstrasse 3
8800 Thalwil



Genere musicale

Musica barocca, musica contemporanea e musica romantica


Principianti, Avanzati e Master


Inglese, italiano, ungherese e tedesco


Matyas Major insegna allievi da 6 anni

Intervista con Matyas Major

Which musician has influenced you the most?
Robert Cohen – Given I studied with him during my formative years at the music academy, he shaped my musical taste, approach and passion the most.

What can you teach me about your instruments different than any other teacher?
I’d like to think that what I have achieved so far is through sheer hard work along with an in-depth understanding of how the cello works as an instrument, and not through natural talent. For this reason, I believe I am able to relate to the various problems and difficulties that my students face in the process of learning to play the cello, and successfully help them overcome the challenges.

How did you learn to play your instrument?
I started playing the violin at age 3. However, my parents realised it was not going to work out well when I used the bow as a toy for our house cat and emulated Jimi Hendrix by smashing my violin on the floor. One day, my father walked home with a cello, envisioning a rosy picture of the family playing chamber music together. For years, I learned the cello alongside the piano. I chose the cello in the end as I liked the versatility of it more, especially with regards to being able to play it with other people.

On what equipment you play today?
I play on a R. Muncher cello made in Cremona in 1924, and a W.E. Hill and Sons bow. Not being an easy instrument to play, it gives me a lot of satisfaction when it sounds good.

What personal trait has helped you when you practice the most?
Resilience. I had multiple challenges, but never gave up and always bounced back from the setbacks.

What does your instrument have that others don't?
The most beautiful sound after the human voice.

What you pay special attention to when you teach?
I adopt a holistic approach to teaching, covering all aspects comprehensively. I strike a balance between working on my students’ strengths and weaknesses and adapting to their needs.

How do you build up your music lessons?
I tend to start with warm up exercises like scales, followed by a study and musical pieces.

However, I aim to remain flexible depending on what the priorities of the moment are.

What do you do with children?
I try to give young children the technical tools to be able to play the cello. This cultivates sustainable interest as they build confidence in their ability to play the instrument. I keep lessons entertaining based on their age. On top of that, I organise social opportunities for my students to engage in and have fun performing with other children.

What was until now your greatest experience as a musician?
The Verbier Festival Chamber orchestra conducted by Gábor Takács-Nagy is where I have the most musical fulfilment and fun on stage. The group is composed of extremely talented and passionate musicians and it's a privilege to be part of it.

What was the largest stage that you've performed on?
I never paid much attention to the size of the hall, but more to its’ acoustics, history, and prestige. I had the pleasure to play on outstanding stages like the Carnegie Hall, Berliner Philharmonie, Tonhalle Zurich, and KKL Luzern among others.

Which musician would you like to play with?
Though I'm a classical musician, I grew up listening to the music of Queen and my absolute idol is Freddie Mercury. There's something about his voice, passion and energy that really moves me. Therefore, a collaboration with Queen would be a dream come true.

Which record would you bring to a desert island?
My favourite composer is L. v. Beethoven and I’ve played all his symphonies with the Verbier Chamber Festival orchestra throughout the years. As Deutsche Grammophon recently decided to release them all in one album- that’s the album I would bring as it will naturally bring back many memories of the wonderful concerts.

On which stage do you prefer to perform?
Since the cello is not an amplified instrument, I like concert stages with good acoustics and my favorite here in Switzerland is the KKL in Luzern. It really helps the performer bring out the best sound from the instrument.

After music, what is important in your life?
I am a family man and family time energizes me. I have a young daughter whom I love spending time with along with my wife. I also enjoy playing and watching football, going on travel adventures, watching movies and reading books.