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Picture of Metò

"As a child, I was a radio you couldn't switch off."

Metò has started singing again after a break of several years.

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Picture of Jürg

"You can at most be too young for music lessons."

Jürg has been taking lessons since 2013. He played in front of an audience for the first time at the age of 68.

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Picture of Lara

"Not so easy to find a female electric bass teacher."

Lara has been taking bass lessons for two years. Today she plays in a band and will soon release a single.

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Picture of Ueli

"Suddenly I was a student again."

A gift ensures that Ueli, who worked all his life as a teacher and headmaster, became a student again.

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Picture of Tamara

"I have never skipped a lesson."

Tamara has taken lessons in singing, guitar and production and released her first album.

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Why artists teach at Instrumentor

Florian Möbes

Teaches guitar, electric guitar, bass and band in Bern.

Picture of Florian

I have been working with Instrumentor since 2016. Thanks to Instrumentor, people come to my lessons who are not just looking for any guitar teacher, but want to come to me specifically. From then on, I asked myself what I, in particular, have to offer as a teacher. The quality of my teaching has improved dramatically as a result. I am very grateful to Instrumentor for that!

Anna Murphy

Teaches singing, songwriting, hurdy-gurdy and producing in Lucerne.

Picture of Anna

I have been writing music and touring the world for over 15 years. Teaching what I have learned along the way is something I enjoy very much. Instrumentor allows me to teach with my style, free from traditional structures. This platform allows people to "learn" music the way I did.

Adi Weyermann

Teaches guitar, singing and songwriting in Zurich.

Picture of Adi

Instrumentor employs musicians who live music. They are very well organised and the interaction is personal and friendly. How well they look after us was also noticeable during the lockdown, where the whole crew assisted with tips and help on the legal situation or distance learning.

Valérie Arias

Teaches classical and musical singing in Zurich.

Picture of Valérie

I have been teaching singing via Instrumentor for several years. Since the creators are musicians themselves, we speak the same language. I can recommend Instrumentor as a platform for all musicians. The variety of teachers speaks for itself; all students are sure to find a suitable teacher here.

Benjamin Leumann

Teaches electric bass and guitar in St.Gallen.

Picture of Benjamin

Thanks to Instrumentor, I have a great online presence as an electric bass/guitar teacher. I appreciate the uncomplicated and professional student placement. The strong and familiar team helps immediately with open questions and concerns.

Pamela Méndez

Teaches singing in Bern.

Picture of Pamela

It has always been a dream for me to teach self-employed. Thanks to my collaboration with Instrumentor, the marketing effort of self-employment is eliminated. New students find their way to me, and they are usually a perfect fit. My teaching has become a stable mainstay that gives me space for my creative work.

Noah Ferrari

Teaches music production, songwriting, guitar, and piano in Zurich.

Picture of Noah

As a music teacher at Instrumentor, I have the opportunity to design my lessons in my own way - and I enjoy that incredibly much! There are no restrictions at Instrumentor, which allows me to teach music lessons in a creative and individual way. I just love sharing my enthusiasm for music with others and helping them develop their own skills.

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