About Instrumentor

Instrumentor is a music school with the aim of bringing students and teachers together in the best possible way. Sharing the same passion for music is double the joy and a reason to stay motivated.

Instrumentor was founded in 2011 by drummer Siro Müller and electric bassist Andreas Brändle. To date, towards 10,000 students (between 3 and 84 years old) have been able to find their teachers through Instrumentor.

Instrumentor's commitment in the field of music education was honoured with a project contribution from the Zürich Pop Credit Commission in 2014.


Overall Management, Co-founder and Partner

Siro keeps Instrumentor together and is on the road as a drummer with various projects.


Customer Care

Alessandro looks after students and teachers and is a successful drummer and producer.


Development, Communication & Partner

Johnny writes the code for our platforms and likes to tinker with his own video and audio projects.


Development and Projects

Julia supports Johnny with coding and realises her own projects as a multimedia artist.


Co-Founder and Partner

Andreas founded Instrumentor together with Siro and supports us with visionary ideas.

Team Feed

Who is behind Instrumentor? On this page you can take a look behind the scenes and learn more about the musical and artistic projects of the staff.

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