Distance Learning

Impressions sent to us by teachers

What is distance learning?

Distance learning is teaching via video call or other formats. This enables us to guarantee exciting lessons from home even in the current situation.

What formats are there?

Most teachers teach via video call. For this, the teacher adjusts the content and structure of the lessons so that the lessons are as usual pleasant and personal and you can make progress quickly.

Combinations of video calls and other formats are also possible. For example, you can discuss with your teacher that they will record exercise videos for you, take photos of hand positions, or give detailed feedback on a sequence you have recorded. This results in exciting new opportunities for music lessons that suit you.

What equipment do I need?

In most cases, a laptop or tablet and an internet connection are sufficient. In any case, your device should have a webcam if the lessons take place via video call.

You can find more detailed information here.

What do I have to set up for distance learning?

This also depends on your teacher and the exact format, but in principle you can follow our instructions here:

Click here for the instructions.

Who offers distance learning?

This is noted on the profiles of the teachers. If you use our search function, you can select the 'Distance learning' box. Then you will only be shown teachers who offer distance learning.

How do I get help if something doesn't work?

We offer personal support to all students and are happy to answer technical questions. We are also available for test calls so that everything will work out for the first lesson.

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