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Nathaje Stangherlin Costa

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Nathaje is a certified IVA teacher. She is a singer-songwriter from Brazil, based in Switzerland. During her 10+ years as a professional singer she has significant experience as a performing and recording artist.

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10 Lektionen an 45 Min.: CHF 930

Für Kinder sind auch 30-minütige Lektionen möglich.

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Pop, Pop-Rock, Folk, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Musical, Singer-Songwriter und Brasilianische Musik


Fortgeschrittene, Master und Anfänger


Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch und Portugiesisch


Nathaje Stangherlin Costa unterrichtet Erwachsene und Kinder ab 3 Jahren

Interview mit Nathaje Stangherlin Costa

Which musician has influenced you the most?
Sara Bareilles. As a female singer-songwriter I relate to her a lot. I love her voice, her songs and the way she acts as an artist and public figure.

What can you teach me about your instruments different than any other teacher?
I can teach you how to blend your chest and head registers for you to find balance in your voice, which will help you to have more power, less strain, more range and can be applied to any style you want, with your authentic, unique voice. I am part of a community of over 300 voice teachers around the globe that teaches major artists from all genres of music (including top charting pop artists, and broadway actors) so you won't be getting just my word for it. Our method has been tested and has proved results for singers that you hear on the radio for over 30 years now.

How did you learn to play your instrument?
I have videos of myself singing as of 3 years of age. My father was a singer and recorded a few albums before I was born. He used to play the guitar and teach the vocal lines to me and my sister so we would sing in duets. I also remember singing along Disney’s songs while watching their movies, as I was growing up.

I had lessons with 8 different teachers from different techniques (since I was 11yo) before I found IVA in 2013, the methodology I teach nowadays. This method changed my singing completely. It helped me make sense of my voice, expanded my range and I stopped hurting myself trying to sing louder and higher the wrong way. I continue my training through IVA, participating in conferences annually, and I do not think of stopping to improve my singing and my teaching skills ever. I am tested every year, as a singer and as a teacher, to keep my certification. This way I know I am always up to date with the latest research on the voice.

On what equipment do you play today?
I teach using a piano to play the scales during the exercises, then when we sing songs I use karaoke tracks (mostly from Youtube) and sometimes I play my guitar too. I like using a professional recording microphone and headphones for you to have a recording studio experience. I also record professional tracks here, since my equipment and acoustic treatment is adequate for that.

What personal trait has helped you when you practice the most?
I am very dedicated and detail oriented. I enjoy learning new things, and I love to be picky and to deeply understand how things work the way they do. One thing that I know works best in the learning process is to focus on your weaknesses and not just to live in your strengths. This means that when learning a new song, you should identify where the challenge is, and repeat that part alone, first slowly and then increasing speed gradually. This way you don't waste time on the parts you already know well.

What does your instrument have that others don't?
Every voice is unique. I have my own experiences imprinted on my voice. Every musician, every studio, every venue I have been, made a mark in my voice and the way I understand and relate to singing. I certainly have Brazilian influences, even though I mostly sing in English.

What people say the most about my voice is that I carry a lot of emotion in it. That I make people feel something.

What do you pay special attention to when teaching?
My main focus is on the sound and what it is telling me. I can hear if the muscles inside your larynx are working well, and if there is anything getting in the way. Then I give you exercises to strengthen what needs more attention and to relax whatever is not needed. My goal is to help you produce a sound that is open, clear, relaxed, or in summary: balanced. I want you to sing effortlessly in a healthy way so you can have longevity in your career. Then, when you are singing a song you will go off balance, so to speak, for interpretation and artistic purposes, but you will always know how to go back to a healthy way of singing.

How do you build up your music lessons?
The method I teach is based on balancing the muscle activity with the airflow. These two sides of the equation need to work in harmony. Too much or too little of one side, will cause issues. I address these issues through specific exercises. Every lesson is different because your voice is different everyday. I check the student's voice when they come in and understand what will be the goal for that lesson. Then I give specific exercises and see how the voice is behaving. If I see progress I challenge the voice. If I don't, I approach from a different angle. It's tailor made for you in that specific moment in time.

So basically the first part of the lesson is like learning any new skill that requires muscle coordination, like skiing or dancing, and at times it's like going to the gym and exercising the muscles you use to sing. The second phase of the lesson is song application, where the student brings a song they would like to sing and we apply the logic behind the exercises, to that song.

I also work musicality including rhythm, solfejo, scales, and with artist development including songwriting, style and recording.

What do you do with children?
It depends mostly on the child. Since the lessons are tailor made, I can follow their rhythm. If the kid is too young, I might focus more on songs then on technique, or I don't focus on singing technique at all and I teach more organically.

What was until now your greatest experience as a musician?
My songs that I wrote for my album "Heal"(2019) were streamed over half a million times. The music video for my single "Follow the light", from this album, was on MTV Germany, the track "She" was on the official YouTube music pop release playlist, and the tracks "Promise" and "Small voice" are on the Radio Swiss Pop.

What was the largest stage that you've performed on?
I believe it was at a public park, where we had more than 10 thousand people watching. I was the lead singer of a TV show band at the time and we were touring all around Brazil and performing for large audiences.

Which musician would you like to play with?
I would like to play with John Mayer. I just love his guitar lines.

Which record would you bring to a desert island?
White Album from The Beatles.

On which stage do you prefer to perform?
One that I feel close to the audience and that I feel they are paying attention and enjoying the experience.

After music, what is important in your life?
Family, peace of mind, sun, nature.